Finite element analysis

Specific expertise in the following areas of linear and non-linear finite element analysis.

  • Structural stress analysis
  • Structural thermal analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
    • Large displacement
    • Explicit dynamic analysis
    • Simulation of material damage
    • Contact/impact analysis
    • Non-linear material models
    • High strain-rate loads
Animation of finite element impact analysis

Design for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes provide increased freedom to designers, including:

  • Manufacture of more complicated component geometries.
  • Manufacture of designs using fewer components and sub-assemblies.
  • Cost efficiency at lower volume production runs.

To get the most out of this new manufacturing technology can require using new design methods, including topology optimisation and other numerical and automated structural design methods.

See case studies and publications for further reading.

CAD model

Scientific computing and analysis

Expertise in scientific computing including processing and analysis of large datasets and the development of scalable software including both on the National Computational Infrastructure and OpenCL.


In addition to structural optimisation, services for more general engineering and design optimisation problems are available.